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Red Bike Leatherworks is me, Jess Laird, and is run from my tiny workshop in Henham, Essex. Using just my hands and a set of tools passed down to me by my mum, I create timeless bags and accessories from high quality leather. 

The name Red Bike Leatherworks is a nod to my Dad, whose love of cycling and adventure was infectious and who was fascinated with all things leather. The bags are named after places he loved, from Jamaica to Essex and many stops in between.

Every step taken is done by hand, from design and pattern making to cutting, stitching and finishing. Handcrafted in small numbers, each piece is made to last a lifetime, getting better over time and returning for repairs as and when needed.

Ethical & Sustainable

I use vegetable tanned leather: a tanning process that has been used for centuries and uses natural materials to gently turn hides into leather. The leather will continue to change over its life, taking in moisture, oils and sunlight to develop a beautiful patina over time.

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From Saddles to Satchels

To allow for extra sustainability, many of the pieces are built using reporposed leather from old saddles: deconstructing, cleaning, moisturising and gently persuading them to become charming new bags and accessories.

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