• Jess


I am often asked to make a piece from scratch or tweak a design to suit a client's needs. Below are some examples of bespoke commissions that I have created: if you would like to commission a truly unique piece then please do contact me to discuss further!

This shoulder bag was commissioned as a gift for a special birthday with the design being based upon an existing pre-loved bag. It has two inner compartments and fastens with a zipped top; lined in a soft mint leather you get a pop of colour when opened! For flexibility, the straps were adjustable to ensure it fitted its owner perfectly.

This structured black shoulder bag with detachable straps was one of the first 'real' bags I made. It has a fairly unisex design with striking red leather lining and a rolled handle which allow it to be carried as a briefcase or as a shoulder bag.

I have wanted to add a backpack to the RBL line for a while now. When on a Bag Design course with the wonderful Valerie Michael, I worked on this one, learning new stitching methods and working with new materials including this hardwearing, comfortable webbing. With a few modifications, this is now ready to be offered to customers as a made-to-order product.

The first time I had used this beautiful taupe leather was for this handbag commission. I loved it so much and it worked brilliantly it has now become a RBL staple! The customer chose a fantastic bright aqua lining which offsets the muted grey tones perfectly.

A complete departure from my usual bags! Out of my comfort and used to stiffer leather, it took a while to understand how the softness of this blue leather would behave through the modelling and stitching process. Teamed with some beautiful African wax lining, this handbag became a real statement piece and proved that challenging yourself can produce great results!

Thunderley Hall Farm near Saffron Walden is home to Essex's very own buffalo herd. Buffalo leather has been a challenge to work with, but out of it has emerged something rather beautiful: a Gloucester Tote, made to order for Thunderley. This natural leather is undyed and will quickly darken when exposed to light and natural oils.

This clutch was commissioned to be used at a number of weddings. The customer wanted to be able to use it on a day-to-day basis as well, so we added a detachable strap for hands-free use. The bag was made with a textured brown leather and lined in a sumptuous forest green.